Linux® or Windows® Servers in Minutes
Starts at US$ 0.05/hr
  • Hundreds of processing cores and high-clock computing power
  • 10Gbps network transmission architecture
  • Petabyte-level distributed file architecture
  • Controlling the host state anywhere
  • Carrier-grade technical supporting team
  • Complete consulting services
On-Demand Storage & Content Delivery
Starts at US$ 0.40/File
  • Various file upload mode
  • Automatic MD5 file verification mechanisms
  • 10Gbps network transmission architecture
  • Multi-browser and cross-platform file download support
  • Complete user analysis reports
  • High stability of network transmission quality
Managed Service as a Service
Starts at US$ 0.003/hr
  • Quick and easy monitoring configuration
  • Diversified protocols and internal service verification supporting
  • Intact monitoring-record analysis reports
  • Various ways to alert notifications
  • Complete consulting services
  • Yearly 7 x 24 non-stop protection